Health Screens

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The Mews Complete Health Screen

During your healthscreen you will spend around 3 hours with one of our team at the Mews Practice. We will provide a very comprehensive health check which we hope you will find to be a beneficial health management experience, catered specifically to your needs.


40 minutes

Offered to

All Mews Practice Members over the age of 18, offered annually to give a general overview of their health.


  • Discussion with GP regarding your health and lifestyle
  • General physical examination
  • Medication review
  • BP/Height/weight & BMI calculation
  • Cholesterol and blood glucose finger prick test
  • Urine dipstick


Available to members as part of their annual membership fees.

Further Investigations can be ordered on request eg: blood tests, sexual health investigations.

The Structure of the day:

One of our Healthcare Assistants will conduct a variety of initial tests upon your arrival.

Initial Tests

WeightVisual CheckSpirometry
HeightAudiology (Hearing)Faecal Occult Test (sent to lab)
Blood PressurePeak flowFull Fasting Blood Tests (sent to lab)
Pulse RateBlood gas oxygen levelsUrine Test (sent to lab)

Pathology Laboratory Tests

FULL BLOOD COUNT Blood Profile and Tests Full blood count, Cholesterol Breakdown, Diabetes ScreenLIVER FUNCTION Total Protein Albumin Globulin ALT AST ALP GGT LDH Total BilirubinBONE SCREEN Total Protein Albumin Globulin Calcium Corrected Calcium phosphate ALP Uric Acid
FULL BLOOD COUNT Haemoglobin Red Blood Cells Haematocrit Mean Cell Volume Red Cell Distribution Platelets MPV White Blood Cells Neutrophils Lymphocytes Monocytes Eosinophils BasophilsBIOCHEMISTRY HbA1c-(IFCC) Chloride Glucose (Fasting) Iron Ferritin Transferrin Saturation TIBC CKKIDNEY FUNCTION Total Protein Albumin Globulin Sodium Potassium Bicarbonate Urea Creatinine eGFR(MDRB) Caucasian Only
MICROBIOLOGY CHEMISTRY – URINE SAMPLE PH Protein Glucose Ketones Blood UrobilinogenMICROSCOPY - URINE SAMPLE WBCs (Cells.uL) RBCs (Cells/uL) Casts EpithelialCells Crystals OrganismsLIPIDS Cholesterol HDL Triglycerides LDL HDL Cholesterol Ratio
Faecal Occult BloodPSA Prostrate For MenCULTURE
Having been required to fast prior to your blood test, you will be provided with breakfast at the surgery. One of our GP’s will then give you a full examination and consultation. During this you will discuss any of your concerns, your past medical history as well as your psychological, sexual and social wellbeing. You will then receive a written report which will include all of your diagnostic results alongside on-going health advice such as lifestyle and diet.

Full GP Examination

RespiratoryEar, nose and throat
Mouth and TeethEyes
MEN SPECIFIC - Intimate examination and prostateWOMEN SPECIFIC Breast Examination, Intimate examination

Cost of the health screen: £795 Members receive a £100 discount *Please note there is an additional premium of £20 for weekend appointments.